(General Practitioner) Areas of Critical Needs

Dr. Nellie O’Farrill is a General Practitioner and currently part of the Medical Staff at Compass Counseling Services, LLC. Dr. O’Farrill joined our practice in 2015 after moving from Puerto Rico. In 2015 The Florida Board of Medicine granted Dr. O’Farrill her license as a Medical Doctor in Areas of Critical Need.

Dr. O’Farrill studied medicine in Malaga, Spain. She began her professional career at AMSCCA, (Addictive Medicine) after completing her internship at the Arecibo Medical Hospital in Arecibo, PR. and the Mandatory Public Service, at Trujillo Alto.

From AMSSCA, she obtained a position at Fernandez Marina Medical Hospital, where she was honored to be an integral part of a team that was awarded the Joint Commission Certification.

Later, she worked at the San Juan Capestrano Hospital’s emergency room in Trujillo Alto. Then she joined the APS (American Psychiatric Services) faculty and for more than fifteen years, provided Psychiatric and Addictive Medicine Services.

Dr. O’Farrill is the mother of one son. She enjoys vacationing with her family, gourmet cooking, and exercising. She helps promote education and the betterment of the men, women, and children in the community.

Dr. O’Farrill is a Certified Life and Leadership Coach. She is passionate about the power of resilience in the Human Being. She gives conferences, seminars, and workshops about Health and Wellness.

Dr. O’Farrill’s favor’s quote is: “Your now is not your Forever” by John Green.