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We offer a comprehensive approach that seeks to support and assist individuals of all ages who have mental health needs in order to help them reach their potential




Provide each of the patients cared for in our offices an effective Psychological and psychiatric treatment, strengthened by Faith, encouraged by Hope and inspired by Love to the neighbor.
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1400 N. Semoran Blvd, Orlando, FL, 32807
Phone: 1(407) 823 8421.
Fax: 1(407) 823 8195
E-mail: customerservices@compasscounselingfl.com

Our Locations

1400 NSemoran Blvd Suite E Orlando, Florida, 32807 Phone: (407)823-8421 Fax: (407)823-8195.
1320 N Main St Suite B Kissinnee, Florida, 34744 Phone: (407)933-1847 Fax: (407)933-1849.
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